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Populace Coffee // 2015 Joyeux Holiday Blend

Joyeux Holiday Blend, from Populace Coffee, is back at the Table. This year, Joyeux is comprised of coffees from Colombia and Kenya, so we should be in a real treat. Colombia Los Pinos We are happy to introduce to you a new group called: “Aromas del Sur” located in Palestina, Huila. We are working together… Read More Populace Coffee // 2015 Joyeux Holiday Blend The post PopulaceContinue Reading

Kaldi’s Coffee // Mexico Coatepec

Last year, while at Coffee Fest, I ran into the guys from Kaldi’s Coffee, who were peddling a new coffee that they were very proud of. For the first time in four years, Kaldi’s was offering a Mexican coffee. Not because they have anything against the region, but because nothing spectacular, really, comes out of it. It’s no secret that …Continue Reading

Dark Matter Coffee: Datura Inoxia Blend

Dark Matter Coffee: Datura Inoxia Blend

Hello coffee friends! I am back just for a short time to review some new coffees Dark Matter sent over to me with a recent order. I couldn’t hold back my excitement after drinking an iced coffee of the Datura Inoxia which I’ll be reviewing today. It’s a really great blend that I can’t keep to myself. Thoughts Datura Inoxia…Continue Reading